About The Blog

The Blog

Tight Mix is a blog for everything music, described through the fingers of author Chris Bracco.

Nowadays, the web is an electronic clutter of information! There is SO much out there, its nearly impossible to quantify. It is often difficult to determine where to even start searching for the right information. Tight Mix is a GREAT RESOURCE for audio enthusiasts, musicians and music lovers alike, and a great place to start your search. I delve through the crazy mess of information to create and comment on great reads that focus on information you can use to help record, market and promote great music. Occasional off-topic rants are included as well!

The Editor

Tight Mix is maintained by Chris Bracco, an aspiring music producer/music biz entrepreneur. Chris currently attends Penn State University, working towards a major in Business Management and minor in Music Technology. He is also currently a virtual assistant for Ariel Publicity & Cyber PR, helping promote their 80+ clients using unique online marketing strategies. He also plays guitar in & manages a funky rap/rock quintet named “A.S.B.P.K.”

If you would like to learn a bit more about Chris, please visit his personal e-portfolio or his band’s website:
A.S.B.P.K. Music

If you would like to contact Chris, please don’t hesitate to e-mail him at cob5020@psu.edu

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