Tight Mix Blog Has Moved!

Due to my newfound knowledge of web development, and a couple of extra bucks on my last paycheck, I’ve decided that now is a great time to break off the Tight Mix Blog from the WordPress server. We’ve had some great times together, but I’ve gotten greedy and WordPress’ basic service could no longer satisfy my needs. The break-up was inevitable.

You can now find the new Tight Mix Blog over at:


The blog will still have all of the articles that appear here, except I fixed up quite a few that had outdated information. Also, I will be writing much more often at this new location (a couple times a week, minimum), and I have expanded the topics to include artist/album/song reviews. So if you are an artist looking to get some blog lovin’ please send me your music! I’d be more than glad to listen to it, and include it in my blog if I enjoy it.

Good riddance, and please follow us all over to the new location! I think you’ll love the new design.


One Response to “Tight Mix Blog Has Moved!”

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