Music Think Tank — My new favorite site!!

So i was killing some time on the internet the other day, searching for articles & opinions about the future of the music industry. As i was clicking absentmindedly from site to site to site, i stumbled across this website that instantly caught my attention: Music Think Tank

This blog has a wealth of information on it & extremely insightful discussions about where the music industry is headed.

Most of the authors i had not heard of, but i actually stumbled upon some names of people i have recently come in contact with. I recently accepted an offer for an internship with Ariel Publicity & Cyber PR for this spring semester, and it turns out both my supervisor (Christina Duren) & company owner/founder (Ariel Hyatt) had both written several articles on this blog!

I was blown away by this weird coincidence.

But anyway, check out this site and leave some comments on the articles. If you have any questions, the authors usually do answer them right then and there. Its awesome.



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